61BYj+u+4NL._SL256_This is a great looking and a very well constructed bird feeder. The plastic is very thick and seems very durable. The three window clings that come with it a very strong, and I have no fears of the feeder falling off my window. It’s larger than I thought it would be, but that is a good thing. I have yet to receive any visitors and will try to update my review with pictures once I get some visits. Customer service sent out an encouraging email with some tips to help get birds to the feeder if they have not yet found it, and I plan to try some of those tips out. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an unbiased review.

I’m not a very smart man which is obvious by the fact that I ordered this item with all intentions of putting it on the outside of my office window. What I failed to realize is I have big screens on every window.

Needless to say, it was very easy to put this up on my side yard fence next to my kids playground. Also, the birds seem to have found it within an hour of me putting food into it. Just be warned that birds leave a mess behind and they are (at least by me) very skittish and tend to fly off before you can really get a good view of them.

My only concern is suction cups, but so far they have been holding up well. If the suction cups were to go and this feeder go crashing down, I am sure it will crack but I doubt it will be destroyed. It is pretty well built.

Clear, hard acrylic
Comes pre-built
Sturdy, easy to maintain/clean
Inexpensive and more aesthetically pleasing than bird feeders of the same range.

Hard acrylic could crack if suction cups fail.

This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. I would honestly give this product 4.5- 5 stars. It’s clean and sleek looking, entertaining and if you enjoy watching birds, your not going to get a better viewing than with this item.

I have two small windows in my kitchen that just happen to be about the exact same size as these bird feeders so when I was given the opportunity to try this product at a discount for my review, I just had to do it. It arrived in a sturdy and compact box unlike so many other products out there that waste a ton of space. I quickly got to work and cleaned off the outside of my kitchen window and installing this was a breeze. Due to the suction cups needing to be higher to accommodate the hooks, it does not sit flush with my kitchen window, but actually rests on the frame a little bit at an angle because it is the exact same size. No worries, with a tight tug, I could tell it wasn’t going anywhere. I filled up a few cups worth of bird seed into it, gave it one last wipe to have no obstructions from the inside view looking out and voila! Now when I’m fixing breakfast, dinner, coffee, etc., I’ll have a great view of the birds that come to visit. I have bird feeders in both my front and back yards, but this one will provide the most enjoyment.

I love this feeder! It has strong suction cups (I windexed my window first) and held up great. It brought the birds right up to my glass door in no time. Super nice to be watching TV and see birds flying right up to the window to eat. Since it is clear I get a great view! I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

Great feeder! It arrived on time and in perfect condition. The feeder itself came wrapped in plastic film and within it’s own box, which was packed into another box with packing material. It was a very secure ship with no damage to either boxes. The item itself was heavier than I expected, and very well constructed and designed. The body of this feeder is ALL ONE PIECE, … as I can’t find a seam. It appears to have been rolled into shape and then the bending points are polished to a crystal clear finish. The side panels have seams, which are evident, but again polished to a clear finish, … and I mean clear.
The enclosed 3 “suction cups”, which measure 2 inches in diameter, have a 1/2 inch depth so there is more than enough “suction” when installed upon “any glass surface” following the instructions (and coming email ‘tips’ sent via email from the maker). The cups themselves have a very secure attached ‘hook’, (1/2 inch deep) to which the feeder itself sits within. I have 5 cats, … and it’s my firm belief that I could take any one of them, place them on top of this feeder, … and it won’t fall off the window, at least my window. I don’t suggest that ever be done, as “don’t try this at home”, … so try a very large book instead. Will hold any combo of birds and seed. But as any “suction cup” type feeder, one really needs to pay attention, and check them every now and then.
The size of this feeder is great, large enough for Blue-Jays (2), … or 5 to 6 Chickadees or Titmouse, … yet small enough in size to attach to a apartment small window with all of the benefits of viewing the birds. This is a SOLID feeder, very well constructed. It’s not ones dime store bargain where the material thickness will crack during temperature fluctuations, … this thickness measures a hefty 3/16th’s of an inch!
I’m using a “bulk” seed mix, (multi-blend with cracked corn) and my feeder has been up for less than 36 hours. So far, a few Sparrows have jumped on it, as I have other feeders in the area. Have purchased a “window film” as a “one way view”, … that is a 45% tint. Have yet to install that, … so I’ll repost when all is in place. So far, I’ll give a grade of 95%, … just wish there was a drainage option for rain, … but I’m working on that and will inform with my follow-up review.