Maybe you have a passion for watching backyard birds—or maybe you have a little one who prizes anything feathered. Bird feeders of any kind provide a spectacular way to draw wild birds to your yard, but gaining an up-close view of them can be another matter. Before you purchase expensive binoculars, consider these 7 mind-blowing reasons to invest in a window birdfeeder.

1. Your Window Birdfeeder Will Draw Birds to YOU

This might be self-explanatory, but it’s still worth stating: installing a window bird feeder will give you a much, much better view than a bird feeder dangling off a branch in the back yard. Wild birds could provide you company while you wash dishes, work in you home office or tackle day-to-day household chores because they will never notice you on the other side of the window while they go about savoring their meal.

2. Watching Wild Birds During Mealtimes Will Boost Family Conversations

One possible location for your window birdfeeder is a window overlooking a kitchen table or dining area. Children will love it, and don’t underestimate the impact it could have on tech-addicted teenagers. Think about it: instead of your teenagers’ eyes (or at least thoughts) on their smartphones, the conversation can turn to the backyard birds eating their respective meals just on the other side of the glass. In terms of “interactive learning,” it is hard to beat an experience like that.

3. You Don’t Need A Yard (Really, you don’t!)

You heard that right: no yard is necessary. An urban, one-bedroom apartment with a small balcony is the ideal feeding location for some birds—and since window bird feeders do not dangle near the edge of a balcony, where they might fall and hit someone, you are less likely to infringe upon apartment regulations. Window birdfeeders also provide great aesthetic updates for windows facing ugly parking lots, sheds, or walls.

4. Pest Control

Wild birds will not only eat seed from their bird feeder. They will also gobble nearby insects, snails, spiders and grubs. Talk about a win-win situation!

5. Better Bird Photography

As long as your flash is off, wild birds should not even notice you taking photographs from inside your home. When trying to snap that “perfect” photograph of a cardinal or similarly colorful visitor for a holiday card, such opportunities prove especially priceless.

6. Wild Birds Will Inspire You

Think about it: for little cost and effort, you could get a one-way window into the habits of some of the most inspiring creatures on the planet. The connection between birds and humans is important—and primal. Surely it is by no accident that cultures as unique as those located in the United States, Mexico and Germany all self-identify with the eagle.

7. You’ll Help Wild Birds!

Last but not least, you will be helping wild birds! Your movements won’t disturb them while they eat, and while you go around your life behind the glass, you can watch backyard birds benefiting from your kindness year round.

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